Permanent Makeup Correction

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Color Correction to adjust or neutralize colors that are orange, pink, blue, purple or green using custom blended pigments to bring about the desired and/or natural color.  The color value(intensity i.e. light, medium, dark) can be adjusted if healed color is too much or not enough.  Permanent makeup is an art and a science.  It is imperative to use the appropriate color and shape.  If one uses the wrong color your permanent  eyebrows may turn blue, gray, pink or purple.  Permanent eyeliner may turn to gray or blue, or the shape may make your eyes look small or sad or you may have color implanted in your tear duct.  Without total knowledge of color, one can end up with purple or blue lips.  Always seek out a well trained, certified permanent makeup artist, badly shaped brows, eyeliner or lips can be disastrous because errors can't always be corrected.  

Don't look for the cheapest technician, when it comes to your face, look for the best!


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