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About Shasha



Shabnam Nassir (Shasha), owner of  Permanent Makeup By Shasha is looking forward to introducing you to the exciting field of permanent makeup and medical cosmetic.

Shasha's journey into the world of art commenced at the tender age of 4, when her fascination with drawing and painting ignited. Recognizing her innate talents, her parents enrolled her in an art school, where she obtained her Painting and Drawing certification by the age of 12. Such was her prowess that she was invited to serve as a volunteer teacher assistant due to her outstanding performance.

Her love for art persisted, leading her to delve into the realms of graphic design. Between 2003 and 2004, Shasha's artistic creations graced four art shows, and she authored three books catering to both children and adults, earning recognition overseas.

However, Shasha's journey took a poignant turn in 2002 when her mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, enduring several surgeries and treatments that led to hair loss. Driven by a desire to restore her mother's sense of self, Shasha merged her artistic flair with makeup skills, discovering a newfound passion for assisting individuals navigating the aftermath of significant medical procedures.

In 2004, she established Permanent Makeup by Shasha abroad, utilizing her talents to aid individuals in reclaiming what medical treatments might have taken away. Upon relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2008, she re-established her venture, continuing her mission of helping others in the beauty industry for over two decades.

Shasha's work has been showcased in several exhibitions, including those at downtown Raleigh, Duke Hospital, UNC Hospital, the Persian Festival, and the International Festival.

Our Philosophy

At Permanent Makeup by Shasha, she offers personalized consultations and meticulous procedures tailored to individual preferences. Prioritizing client satisfaction and comfort, she ensures precise measurements, customized pigments, and advanced techniques, all while maintaining a commitment to a balanced, natural enhancement of one's appearance.

Shasha finds immense joy in guiding clients through the final stages of their medical journey, using her expertise in permanent makeup to restore confidence and self-assurance. Her dedication lies in assisting individuals to feel whole again after undergoing challenging medical experiences.

Shasha's Credentials


Certified Permanent Makeup

Cosmetology diploma 

Cosmetology Instructor 

Certified Advance In Microblading Brows

Certified Advanced Permanent Makeup 


Certified Advanced Permanent Makeup Technique Improvement


Certified Advanced Hairstroke Brows Technique 

Certified Advanced Powder Brows

Certified Advanced Lip Blush Technique

Certified Advanced Eyeshadow

Certified Advanced Stardust Technique


Certified Advanced Permanent Makeup Color Theory


Certified Advanced Intradermal Cosmetic Color Correction


Certified Advanced Nipple Areola Restoration


Certified Advanced Dermal- Micro Needling (CIT)

Certified Natural Tattoo Removal


Certified Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control


Certified Bridal  Makeup Artist


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