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Nipple Areola Micropigmentation

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Each year, many women are told they have breast cancer, which is devastating. Mastectomy is sometimes performed, which involved removing all or part of the breast. Plastic surgeons can recreate the breast using breast reconstruction surgery, but not the areola. However, with permanent cosmetics we can restore the areola and give back what was taken away. The technique for recreating the areola is a delicate one and involves intensifying the color of an areola and pigmenting in a three-dimensional nipple. The results are simply stunning.

Permanent cosmetics procedures are also available to both men and women who wish to enhance the appearance of their areola due to fading or because they are too small.

You may qualify for Areola repigmentation if you have been through one, or more of the following types of breast surgery:

Lumpectomy: a simple procedure to remove a lump or tumor mass.

Partial mastectomy: 2.5 to 7.5cm of tumor mass and surrounding tissue removed.

Subcutaneous mastectomy: removal of all breast tissue except for the skin, areola and nipple that are left alone.

Simple mastectomy: the removal of the breast but leaving the lymph nodes.

Modified radical mastectomy: the total removal of the breast and partial lymph nodes.

Radical mastectomy: total removal of the breast, lymph nodes, pectoral muscles, adjoining fat and fascia.

Extended radical mastectomy: this is the same procedure as the radical mastectomy along with the removal of parasternal lymph nodes.

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