Give a gift of perfect eyebrows, eyeliners or lips to someone you love.

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          Permanent Makeup Prices:




           Consultation (30 minutes):  $50

           NanoBrows: $675


           Microblading:  $675

           Microblading Combo Brows: $675


           Powder or Shaded Brows:  $650

           Eyeliner-Top, Bottom and lash line  Enhancement: $700

           Upper Eyeliner and lash line Enhancement: $600


           Upper Eyeliner and Bottom liner: $600

           Upper Eyeliner and Eyeshadow: $600

           Eyeshadow, Upper Eyeliner and lash line: $870


           Lash line upper and bottom: $600

           Upper Liner:  $400

           Bottom Liner:   $300


           Lash Line Enhancement:   $400

           Eyeshadow:  $400 Above.

           Full Lip Color: $650

           Lip Blush: $700

           Ombre Lip Color: $700


           Full lip Color: $700

           Lip Liner: $450


              Color Correction:   $500 Above. Consultation Required.

           Tattoo Removal:   $200 Above. Consultation Required.


           Microneedling:   $250 Consultation Required.


           Nipple Areola Pigmentation Bilateral :   $750 Consultation Required

           Nipple areola Pigmentation Unilateral:  $400 Consultation Required.

           Scalp Pigmentation:   $200 Above  Consultation Required.

           Camouflage:  $250 Above.

           Beauty Marks:   $85 Above.

           Touch Up (Before 6 Month):  $150 Above.


           Touch Up (Brow (Before 12 Month):  $285

           Touch Up (After 12 Month):  $380 Above.


           Lip Touch up:  $275

           Eyeliner Touch up:  $275

           Nipple Areola Touch up:  $400

           Professional Brow Shaping:  $30





All permanent makeup procedures include one free touch-up to

be scheduled no later than 6 month from original procedures.